Locataire Risk Management provides tailored solutions to help private companies improve business strategies and practices.

Our services

Audit – an audit is generally needed when outside third parties such as regulators, banks, creditors, potential purchasers and outside investors require an auditor’s opinion on the financial statements. The purpose is to enhance the degree of confidence in the financial statements, to improve internal controls. This is achieved by our expression of an opinion on whether the financial statements are prepared in accordance with the applicable reporting framework.

Assurance – we provide information technology audit services to deliver risk and controls, audit analytics to extract insights from data, as well as third-party assurance to manage risks from the extended enterprise. 

Operational Risk & Transformation – we help clients transform the ways in which they leverage people, technology, data, business processes and controls to address their operational risks and drive business performance.

Third Party Risk Management – we help clients evaluate and manage third-party risk related to outsourcing, and other business partnerships across the organization to maximize effectiveness.